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The latest short from Woodenbull Films, Flowers From Venables follows Julian and Lily, who coincidentally meet the same day their mutual friend is performing a play later that night. Through spending the day talking, laughing, and trying new things, they realize their connection goes beyond a typical new friendship. After the performance, they must decide the fate of their new bond, and end their day by making a choice of comfort or risk new love. How do you decide if something or someone is worth risking what you already have?

Cast & Key Crew


Hayden John Woodhead

Justin Turnbull

Lou Ticzon

Eryka Alanna

Koty Bannouvong

Paneet Singh



Lou Ticzon

Eryka Alanna


Director of Photography

Ben Dawson

Production Designer

Megan MacAulay


Dylan Murray


Eryka Alanna

Lou Ticzon

Director's Note

Flowers from Venables was shared with me by my friends Lou Ticzon and Eryka Alanna - a beautiful and intimate story about how they met. I was immeditately struck by the honesty and vulnerability of the script. It poses the simple, age-old question of love against duty.


Often, short films try to do too much in too short of a time. I was excited to be a part of the storytelling process in this show, because it’s a script that is very much contained within its own compelling story, while speaking to a relatable and universal theme.

I saw my role in this film as mostly a facilitator - as the actors were the  co-producers and co-writers on the show-and because I had a great working relationship with them both already, I was simply creating a playground for our artists on-screen and creative keys off-screen to bring this story to life, under a vision that  was grounded in the intimate and delicate nature of the story.

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